Tips for Maintaining Your Breathalyzer

Maintaining your breathalyzer is something that you should enjoy doing. These are devices which can affect your health in a quicker way than expected. A breathalyzer must be thoroughly maintained and taken care of. Maintaining this device is not hectic as it is presumed and proper usage prolongs its life. The following are ways on how to maintain and take care of your breathalyzer:

Twenty to Thirty Minutes usage Rule

This rule entails using the breathalyzer 20-30minutes after drinking, smoking or eating. This is because if you use it immediately, you may input food residue hence altering the breath sample. This would result in wrong readings. Chemicals, especially from smoke, are known to damage the internal sensors of the device.

New Mouthpiece Rule

Accumulation of moisture from a breath sample spoils the internal sensor. The main function of the mouthpiece is to block moisture from reaching the internal sensor. Residues trapped at the mouthpiece can alter the results from the breath sample.

Blow the Breathalyzer gently

A gentle blow allows a consistent and sufficient amount of breath for good reading. When the device reads “FLOW ERROR” it does not mean it is faulty, but there is not enough sample. When such error occurs, you need to blow gently for enough sample and proper reading.

Do not Share the Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer is a personal effect. It is not healthy to share such objects. Besides, a friend or a close family member may not know how to maintain the device hence shorten its life. However, if it is necessary to share, ensure everyone has a new mouthpiece and explain to them how to properly use the device.

Proper Storage

For any device, proper storage lengthens its lifespan. A breathalyzer is supposed to be kept in a moisture-free area as well as places with low humidity. A proper storage for a breathalyzer is a cool but dry place and not directly exposed to sunlight.

Do not clean the Internal Section

Cleanliness is health. While cleaning the breathalyzer only focus on the outer parts. Do not open up the interior of the device nor use wet clothing to clean it. It is wise to send it to the unit of calibration where it will also be cleaned.

Use only Alkaline batteries

Alkaline batteries last longer than other cells. They supply a high voltage for operation and slowly drips off even when it is almost fully discharged. For this case, non-rechargeable and nonheavy duties are required. Always replace them when they are fully discharged and remove the batteries when not in use. Alcovisor Click can be of great help you as far as breathalyzer are concerned.…

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