It is common to see people running by the road side of the estates or by the rough terrains of the countryside. A keen observation will reveal to you that most them are geared almost the same. This is because there is some special gear for running especially for those who like doing the long distance running. If you want to become a running enthusiast, then there are some preparations you need to make as far as the gear is concerned. Here is the common gear to buy before starting off.

The common running gear you should know

Running shoes

fdgdfgdfgdfgdgWearing the right shoes during any activity is the ideal thing to do if you want to avoid injuries and any other related challenges. Running has special shoes that are designed for that and also depending on the terrain. Basically, the shoes are light and have a grip on the ground to avoid slips and falls. Additionally, they have air spaces that ensure your feet have enough circulation of air as you run.

Running clothes

Using the right clothes for running can protect the body from getting a thermal shock and keep it well aerated. It is advisable that a runner should wear fitting clothes that are absorbent as well. Most of them use a mixture of cotton and other artificial threads like the polyester to strike a balance between absorbency, air ventilations, and durability. It is up to the runner to decide between the bottoms and the tops they will feel convenient in.

Running belt

Advanced runners who train regularly for long will do well with a running belt. It does not interfere with your running capability as it is both light and convenient. Some of the accessories it can hold include a water bottle, a phone or music player and any other small accessory that aid you in the running activity. Choose a belt that is wide enough and has a protective padding on the inside.

Running backpackhfghgfhfghfggfhfgh

If you need to carry with you some more accessories than what a running belt can hold, then a running backpack is very convenient for you. They are also light and fit on your back conveniently making your feel like you are carrying nothing. The backpack straps should also be wide and well padded for protection.


Runners may need other gear like the water bottles and safety gear which are very crucial. Make sure that you have all that you need well packed in a way that it will not hinder your running efforts. Going minimalistic is the key to a better running.