A Buyers Guide To The Best Dashboard Camera

Nowadays, a dashboard camera or a dash cam is more than a necessity in any vehicle used for capturing offbeat footage. It can help you with presenting your insurance claims and even to identify some perpetrators that are always out there to harm you. Having a dash cam is not just about buying the first unit you come across. You need to look at the specs and features and ensure they match your unique needs. Here are some of the many specs you should be looking for.

Features and specifications to look for in dashboard cameras

Video resolution

The resolution of the camera is one of the most important AsDASdXasDconsideration to look for when buying a dashboard camera. This feature is what determines the clarity of the recording. At a minimum, you should go for a dash cam with at least a 720p recording. This way, you can be sure of capturing faces, number plates, the car’s model among other things with clarity.

Storage capacity

The storage capacity goes hand in hand with the resolution of the camera. High definition recording takes up lots of space. It makes no sense having a camera with high resolution and small storage capacity. For instance. If your camera offers a 720p footage, you should know that an hour of footage might require close to 2 GB of storage space. To the very least, have a 64 GB memory card or more.

Night vision

Another important feature to look at is the night vision. This serves to ensure that your camera can take a footage even in the absence of illumination from your headlights. Street lights too can provide a decent amount of light to the point that night vision is not necessary. Considering that these lights would not always be there, a camera with night vision will always work for you even in your absence.

Impact sensor

AqSDqAsASDThis is another important feature especially for making insurance claims. Some dash cam can detect accidents before they happen. As such, they can automatically start saving the footage before the crash took place. Another good thing with this sensor feature is that it can also reactivate itself when the camera was off, which takes care of parking incidents.

There are many other features to look for when buying a dash cam. GPS, loop recording, or front and back camera are other important features to look for when purchasing a dash cam.…

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