Most people today spend their holidays celebrating by attending parties, exchanging gifts and vacations. Any opportunity where one can take advantage of those who let down their guard when enjoying times of good cheer is exploited. Many people get carried away with the festive mood and start committing crimes. Here we shall examine three of this scenarios.


Festive seasons experience a high rate of attempted and actual shoplifting. With the recent economic decline hitting hard on the average income earner, instances of shoplifting have been on the rise. Store owners are always threatened by shoplifting. This results in a fundamental rise in the living costs making it more difficult for people to afford gifts.

When penalized, there are two thresholds. The lower threshold is regarded as petty theft which is considered to be a misdemeanor. On the upper threshold, you can land a high fine or a six month jail time.

Identity theft

2If you are not a big fan of engaging in holiday shopping, Consider online shopping. This online market sphere keeps growing annually. Shoppers can receive goods in the comfort of their homes. Identity theft is worst during the holiday seasons. Identity thieves sneak their ways into computer systems and plant viruses, spyware and other malicious software that can steal your personal information. Ensure that you conduct a regular computer sweep using spyware scanners and anti-virus software. Before buying anything from a website, ensure it is trustworthy and legitimate.

The penalties depend on the severity of the crime. It can either be a felony or misdemeanor. When charged with felonies you can be hit with a three year time or a huge fine. A misdemeanor lands you a one-year jail sentence or a fine.


The cases of robberies have increased tremendously throughout the holidays as shoppers are statistically more challenged to carry cash at their homes. This is the moment when they are most vulnerable to theft. In most law interpretations, robbery involves property theft from commercial properties and dwellings that are uninhabited.

Those arrested for first-time robberies may face imprisonment for up to six years. If there were more than three people committing the same crime, it could go up to nine years. If any bodily injury was inflicted on the victim, you could be charged with enhanced robbery. The same also applies to individuals who used firearms to inflict injury.

Drunk while under the influence

In most parties, family and friend reunions alcohol is always present. This raises the intoxicated drivers that might compel law enforcement officers to step up their patrols and other countermeasures. When planning on drinking during holidays travel with designated drivers or opt for taxi ride services. The price charged for a taxi ride is less than that incurred when subjected to a DUI charge or accident.



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